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Sometimes, it takes a while to find the right resources to build a great den. Like most living beings, we grew fond of our old den and didn't want to abandon it. It's been around for a long, long time. We truly loved it!

Realistically, it was not mobile-friendly and most folks visit websites on their smartphones or tablets. We want you to be able to view our new site on any device from anywhere. There are some pretty cool new features here:

The Facebook and Instagram icons are clickable and take you straight to those pages.
We swapped the photos on the Home Page to represent more of what the Friends of the Florida Panther NWR do and represent.
Photos on all of the pages are new and include our Friends, volunteers, Refuge staff, and wildlife on the Refuge.
There are a few older photos left up because they are iconic to the Refuge.
The Events Calendar has been updated.
Our email address redirects your email to the right people for a more immediate reply.

We invite you to email us with your comments about out new den. If you have high-def photos of the Refuge, and wish to share them on the website, we will oblige. All photos must have an image credit (name of the person who took the photo), and names of people in the photo.

Coming later...
Meet the Board
Friends Funded Projects

Finally, this new den would not be possible if not for the invaluable help and support of Nature Coast Web Design and Marketing, Inc. Admittedly, we share our "cache" with them and they lent us their expert.

Posted on 05 Oct 2018 by PantAdmin
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